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Parents sometimes wonder when their kids are about to compete. 

What are they thinking? What do they feel?

I’ll tell you what they’re feeling!

  Nerves. Excitement. Pressure. Fear. Confidence. Soreness. Grit. Determination

 A mix of emotions, desires, doubts, and questions.

… “Will I be able to do it?”
… “Have I trained hard enough?”
… “Am I good enough?”

My advice to you, sports moms and dads, is to ENJOY IT.

As hard as it may seem sometimes, all of that effort, all of those hours (I´m talking about you right now, Your hours), those resources invested… do NOT think it’s not worth it, do NOT think they are a waste. 

Because they get to become better people thanks to training and competing in sports.

That’s a Good thing.

So if negative thoughts start to creep in, like wondering if this is all worth it, remember, you get to take them to practice, you get to watch them fall and get up (or not), you get to be an important part of their lives as they fail and succeed… learn… grow. 

You really should pat yourself on the back. Enjoy it. Be proud.

This holiday season, I am particularly grateful for youth sports and all that it means to my family. And I wish that for you as well!