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If you know me by now, you know that I love healthy eating and helping people. So let me tell you, I am also SUPER PASSIONATE about this… 

There are a lot of young girls as well as us, their mothers, coaches, or teachers, who have fallen into unhealthy eating patterns and are at risk for EATING DISORDERS (boys too, but today I am focusing on girls).

These girls struggle with PRESSURE and ANXIETY OVER FOOD and are trapped in the overthinking-food trap. They are constantly thinking about food – what they ate, if it was “good” not, how fat they are going to get, how they don’t have any willpower, how they should skip dinner or find a new diet, etc.- and if this goes unchecked, they could start taking laxatives, skipping meals, making themselves throw up, or a combination of all of the above. They start to associate their self-worth with their food choices and the number on the scale and this puts them in a state of stress and suffering.

This is dangerous.

 And this doesn’t “just go away” when they grow up or after they retire from sports, for those who are athletes.

 I lived it. It’s a sad, stressful way to live. (Thank God, I was able to overcome it.)

But now, sadly, what I have found is that despite the progress in sports science in the last 20 years, (we have better equipment, better techniques, better drills, better training programs), girls are still suffering from unhealthy thoughts and eating patterns, maybe even more than before. 

The good thing is, it doesn’t have to be that way!

If you know of anyone who might be needing someone to talk to, please forward them this message or reach out to them any way you can, with love and honesty, no judgment, just kindness.

I know a lot of people are hesitant to talk about eating disorders, body shaming, or even just their feelings of anxiety about food, but women everywhere DESERVE TO ENJOY EATING and for it to be natural, to acquire healthy habits simply, to eat without guilt or anxiety and definitely without attaching feelings of self-worth to their food choices. There are many wonderful programs and professionals who can help, and what you or a special girl in your life might be needing to start is just a friendly ear.

Please allow me the privilege of helping you, if but in a small way.  

I will listen to you. It’s ok to ask for help!

I have had friends, coaches, and mentors along the way who have made an impact in my life. It is my turn to help.


Book a call here or email me at mariaines@letsbefittoday so we can connect.

You are not alone. I’ve got your back.