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Perform at the Top of Your Game!

Nutrition programs designed for peak performance by an Olympic gymnast.

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Power of Nutrition

Hard work is a trait of successful young athletes. Give your body the right fuel to maximize the hard work you put in and see it reflected in your performance.

Invincible Mindset

Sometimes your thoughts start to convince you that you can’t do it. We will develop an invincible mindset to help you overcome the challenges you face.

Stress-free Eating

Trying to “get it all right” with your nutrition can cause anxiety and overwhelm. We learn to eliminate an all-or-nothing approach to healthy eating and add in one easy habit at a time.

You can get faster, stronger, recover quickly and perform at your best by harnessing the power of nutrition.


María Inés Flores: Olympic Gymnast turned nutritional coach

 As a little girl, gymnastics was my life! I wanted to be at the gym all the time. I was training six hours a day by the time I was 13.  At age 15, I started working with a nutritionist, which helped, however, my diet was too strict. I started to really crave pizza and chocolate, and the cravings were intensified because these things were “forbidden”.

As the pressure to perform well grew, I started to have episodes of binging, and then I’d skip meals to make up for it. I felt confused and anxious about food, worried about how I looked, and I manipulated my calories for my weekly weigh-in. 

I got really obsessed and I was convinced that eating healthy meant 100% or 0%.  I thought that this pressure was an inevitable part of sports and that I just had to suck it up, forget about chocolates (or anything delicious), and train harder.

After the Olympics, I retired from gymnastics and I started to eat  A LOT, quickly gaining 30 pounds.  I felt guilty and terrible but I couldn’t seem to be able to stop eating.

I started a “new diet” almost every Monday.

This painful cycle went on for five years, until one day, I decided to do one small thing differently and master it. A few weeks later, I changed another small thing until it became a habit… and then I tackled the next small thing. 

My anxiety subsided and my confidence grew. I let go of constantly judging myself based on what I ate and I focused on small tweaks that went a long way. I was able to recover my fitness and better yet, I created a new vision of myself where eating healthy is totally stress-free and natural.

I have been enjoying stress-free healthy eating for over 20 years now! I just wish I could have reached the same results but taken a much shorter, easier path. That’s why I’m passionate about impacting young athletes’ lives! I help young athletes incorporate stress-free nutrition and lifestyle changes that are key to unlocking higher levels of energy and agility, fast recovery times, and confidence so they can consistently perform at the top of their game.

I have learned how to take care of my body and how to balance my meals and workouts. It really helped me better plan my workouts, rest periods, and take better care of my mental health by believing more in myself. As a result I'm way more confident.

Elois—Soccer Player

As I left home to go to college, it was all really different. Maria helped me adapt to my new conditions and make the best choices with what’s available. I also learned that small changes get me further than trying to change everything at once.


I learned that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring and how to eat healthy, delicious things. I also felt how good nutrition makes me stronger and how I can now train and compete better.

Lucy—Olympic Gymnast, Tokyo 2020

Maria helped to understand just how nutrition affects my performance and to find the right foods and eating times so I could feel strong and train at my best.


My most important accomplishment in our nutrition journey is learning to view food in a more positive light. Knowing what and how to eat has helped me to focus less on food itself and more on the experiences it brings me.

Cameron—Soccer Player

My son is more open to trying new foods, less scared and resistant. For me, as a Mom I have learned to relax more and accept that it is his learning process and to trust that he is doing the best that he can.

Dilcia—Mom of Teenager

So thankful for all you have done to help my daughter be the best version of herself and reach her goals! You’ve helped our whole family eat healthier. I happily recommend Maria to anyone who wants to learn about eating for peak performance, healthy on-the-go options, realistic eating habits and how to feel good about your food choices. It’s all about balance. Maria is amazing!

Susan—Mom of Teen Athlete


Student-Athletes’ and Sports Parents’ Frequently Asked Questions

Does eating healthy mean I can’t have my favorite foods, like pizza and ice cream?

You can eat a healthy diet that helps you stay healthy and get stronger without having to sacrifice your favorite foods. Students gain knowledge to feel confident about their choices and we focus a lot on creating new Habits, starting with really simple ones. Once they start, they realize “this is easier than I thought!”

The hardest thing for us is knowing what to eat during tournaments, especially when we are away and have to eat out all the time.

How to fuel before, during, and after practice and while away from home are key topics covered in our programs, so you will learn how to prepare and eat healthy on trips and keep up your strength throughout the entire competition.

My son is great at starting things but weak at follow-through, how can I tell that he’s not going to give up halfway?

We start with the things that are most relevant and important to him and his quick wins help him discover healthy habits = better performance connection. With this strategy and our work on Mindset, most student-athletes´ commitment and ability to make changes grows exponentially.

We are interested in participating in a Nutrition program but my child’s schedule is already packed. How much time does it take?

Class or sessions with the coach will take 2-3 hours per month; most of the learning takes place when they’re applying the concepts in their daily lives. If you/your athlete are ready to commit to this program in terms of investment, time, and energy, it will be life-changing. If you aren’t committed, please don’t consider enrolling now, come back in the future when you are ready.

My daughter is training 24 hours a week and when I’m making breakfast or offering her a snack, she says she isn’t hungry. I know she isn’t eating enough but we are stuck here.

Although intense exercise can sometimes reduce appetite, most often it’s anxiety about gaining weight or hectic schedules that interfere with a normal hunger-satiety cycle. Once she understands how her body uses energy and how it’s directly linked to performance, mood, soreness, and injury, and jumpstarts with a couple of simple tweaks, her hunger signals will adapt and she will feel hungry or full when she truly is.

I have good intentions but we often go to Chick-fil-A because we like it and we just want to get home. I feel “dishonest” expecting my kids to make changes that I don’t even know if I can.

It’s true that what you do will influence your kids but remember that you do not need to change everything at once. In addition, we’ll create your plan based on your needs, so if your family’s reality includes frequent take-out, you’ll get the knowledge and tools to make the most out of that.

We would like to eat healthier but do we have to buy organic things that are so expensive?

Eating organic food is not a requirement and for sure it’s not the first step in your health journey. We’ll show you healthy, inexpensive things you can buy as well as smart shopping and meal prep strategies that won’t hurt your grocery bill nor keep you in the kitchen for hours.

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